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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Partners in Admin Center

Last Updated May 21, 2024

Brief Overview

The new Partners tab empowers admins to autonomously manage WalkMe partners on the account without relying on WalkMe team members. Admins can now invite partner users, assign roles, and specify systems for WalkMe content development.

Partners must approve access to ensure compliance with security standards and become active members of the client account, able to access it with a single login.

How to Use

Create new partner user

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click on Partners tab

  3. Click Add a new partner

  4. Insert the email addresses of the partner users you would like to invite to your account. There is an option to add multiple users at once.


    For security reasons, real-time confirmation of whether the inserted email belongs to a partner user or a legitimate individual is not available. An invitation will be sent to the provided email address, and the recipient must approve it to be added to the account.

  5. Assign the designated role and systems to each partner user

  6. Click Send invitation

  7. The invited users will appear under Invites tab until they will confirm the invitation they received via the email

  8. The status of such user will be Pending approval


    Invited users have 7 days to accept the invite. After that, it will expire, rand require the client admin to resend the invitation. Additionally, the admin has an option to withdraw the invitation at any time.

  9. The invited user will receive an email containing the following message. Upon clicking Accept & Continue, the partner will be redirected to the Partner Hub. Here, they can access their new client and navigate to various client products such as the Admin Center, editor, and Insights, based on their assigned role.

  10. If users accept the invite, they will appear in the Partners tab, under their account name

  11. The status of the client account will be Active

Delete partner account

To delete the entire partner account, click on the 3-dot menu and select Delete account. A pop-up message will show notifying that this action is irreversible. If an account is deleted by mistake, the admin will need to invite its users again.

Edit partner user role or systems

To modify a partner user's role or add/remove systems, select the client account row and choose the relevant user. Clicking on the 3-dot menu will provide the option to edit the user's role or systems.

Delete partner user

To remove a partner user from the account, select the client account row and then choose the relevant user. Clicking on the 3-dot menu will offer the option to Delete user.

If all users are deleted from the account but the account itself remains, the status will change to No users or systems.

Similarly, if there are partner users under the account, but they have no systems assigned to them, the status will also display as No users or systems.

Important to know

Partner users must be invited from the Partners tab. Inviting a partner user from the regular users tab will result in them not receiving the partner invitation and not being associated with the client in WalkMe servers. Instead, they will be treated as regular users on the account.

If the partner account is already established in the client account, any newly added users will automatically be associated with the relevant partner account. They will appear there when you click on the partner row in the Partners table.

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