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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Go Live

Last Updated March 29, 2021

Brief Overview

Go Live is the last stage of deploying WalkMe on your site. Your Digital Adoption Consultant (DAC) will work with you to publish your WalkMe items. A short meeting will be scheduled to assist in pushing all your items to production.

In this stage of the process, your DAC will work with you on publishing and archiving your WalkMe items so that you feel comfortable with this process and are able to do it independently. 

In the Go Live Meeting, your DAC will confirm the final details of your implementation, and re-establish the business objectives discussed earlier in the process. Once you are ready and have approval from your team and/or manager, your WalkMe items will be deployed to your production website.

How it Works

Your DAC will schedule a 30 min call in order to Go Live on your site. Together, you'll review the publishing process and deploy WalkMe items to your production website. Our best practice is to Go Live sometime mid-week so that if there are any issues, WalkMe DACs and Support will be in the office to provide assistance. After your Go-Live, your DAC will be monitoring the data to assess whether the solutions deployed are making an impact on the business objectives. As you go through multiple iterations of your WalkMe Solution, your DAC will help you grow and expand to address different challenges on your website and yield the highest ROI.

After this post go-live meeting with your DAC, your services engagement will be complete, and your AM will step back in as your primary point of contact. At this stage, your AM will help consult and recommend new phases for your implementation that drive meaningful outcomes for your business.

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