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  • Last Update December 29, 2020

    Session Playback New Infrastructure

    Use this article to help you understand the differences in the Session playback functionality once it has been migrated to this new infrastructure.
  • Last Update December 29, 2020

    Insights Favorite Views

    Using Insights Favorite Views, you can now save all the page controllers and filters that you have a preference for and easily get back to it those same views.
  • Last Update February 17, 2021

    Insights Enterprise Reports

    Brief Overview The Insights Enterprise Reports page is where you can review, export and subscribing to your Insights common and custom reports on the Enterprise level, incorporating all your permitted systems in one report....
  • Last Update February 22, 2021

    About Insights Filters

    WalkMe Insights enables you to filter your reports by numerous data types, including general events, WalkMe Events, Tracked Events, analytics properties, and other captured data properties.
  • Last Update December 29, 2020

    About Insights Reports

    The Insights Reports Page is your home base for reviewing, exporting and subscribing to your Insights common and custom reports.
  • Last Update February 4, 2021

    Insights Common Reports

    This page contains a list of ready-to-go reports that are available for each account on the New Insights by default.
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