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API Based Goals must both be added in the Mobile Console and your developers must add them to the app’s code using the WalkMe Mobile SDK API.

Steps For Adding API Based Goals in the Mobile Console

  1. In the Mobile Console, click SETTINGS > APP SETTINGS;
  2. Select the GOALS tab and click the + GOAL button;
  3. Click API based goal;
  4. Enter a name in the Goal Name field;
  5. Click ADD ATTRIBUTE once for each attribute you’d like to add;
  6. Give each attribute a name and type (options are Text, Number and Boolean);
  7. The Goal and attribute names should match exactly those that your developers set in the API call to the WalkMe Mobile SDK.

Steps For Adding the Goal API in the Android WalkMe Mobile SDK

See the below usage example:

ABBI.sendGoal("Bought a blue sword", null)
ABBI.sendGoal("Bought a blue sword", new HashMap()<String, String{
put("item_name", "unlimited_calls")

Adding the Goal API in the iOS WalkMe Mobile SDK

See the below usage example:

[ABBI sendGoal:@"Bought a blue sword" withProperites:nil]
[ABBI sendGoal:@"Bought a blue sword" withProperites:@{@"item_name", @"unlimited_calls"}]

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