Getting Started with Smart Walk-Thrus (5)

  • Last Update April 16, 2020

    Smart WalkThru: Getting Started Guide

    Brief Overview Smart WalkThrus provide step-by-step on-screen guidance through a complex process using balloons to guide the user. For more information on Smart WalkThrus, view the Smart WalkThru support article. Create a Basic Smart WalkThru...
  • Last Update March 4, 2020

    Smart Walk-Thrus

    Brief Overview Smart Walk-Thrus simplify the user experience by providing on-screen guidance at the moment of need so that your customers can complete any task successfully. The Smart Walk-Thrus feature allows you to create...
  • Last Update February 17, 2020

    Best Practices for Creating Smart Walk-Thrus

    You know how to build a Smart Walk-Thru, but want to know the tricks that the pros use? Keep reading to learn about strategies and methods we have found to be most effective at...