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  • Last Update June 13, 2022

    How to See Archived and Deleted Content in Insights

    Issue In Insights, is it possible to see data on items that have been archived or deleted?  Solution Yes, it is possible to see data on these items. To do so, follow these steps:...

  • Last Update April 14, 2022

    Can’t See Insights Data Past One Year

    Issue Why am I not able to access my Insights data going further back than a year? Solution In order to keep the Insights platform as optimized as possible, only data from within the...

  • Last Update July 8, 2021

    Can’t See My Users’ Survey Responses

    Issue When I’m in Insights and go to “Surveys,” I can’t see the free-text responses for my Surveys. How can I obtain this data? Solution In order to access the free-text responses, you will...

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