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Last Updated September 8, 2023

Brief Overview

Product Knowledge Documentation is a standardized process to record critical technical and tactical aspects of the project throughout the project lifecycle leading up to go-live. 

A knowledge documentation strategy at the project level provides the foundation for a scaled knowledge management strategy at the program/Digital Adoption Center of Excellence (CoE) level.

How This Impacts Your Program

✅ Benefits of operationalizing

  • Maximized resource efficiency 
  • Faster ramp time for new Builders
  • Higher satisfaction on the Builder team
  • Accelerated scale for your Digital Adoption Center of Excellence
  • Documentation of lessons learned

❌ Risks of not operationalizing

  • Efficiency loss 
  • Slowed project cycle
  • Slowed time to value for business stakeholders 

Best Practices

Consider the following:

  • Decide on a knowledge documentation strategy early in the project (during the Plan phase), including where the documentation lives long-term
  • Document throughout the project lifecycle, not just at the end 
  • Record critical calls, like content reviews, solution design meetings, and go/no-go conversations 
  • Assign ownership of knowledge transfer documentation – Consider having more than one owner share responsibility (for example, Project Lead and Builder) to reduce potential bottlenecks  

Project Summary Handover

In a situation where a new set of Project Leads and/or Builders will be managing the content post go-live (for example, if a Center of Excellence hands optimization over to a Line of Business), use the Project Summary Handover meeting to expand on the Knowledge Documentation and ensure alignment.

  • When: After the Project Debrief meeting
  • Owner: Project Lead
  • Participants:  Project Lead, Department/team responsible for Ongoing Operations of the content, Builders (optional)
  • Prerequisites for Business Stakeholders: Ongoing implementation team responsible for taking required courses in Digital Adoption Institute (specific to role) 

Sample Call Agenda

  • Review initial agreed-upon BO’s and KPI’s
  • High-level review of Knowledge Documentation checklist 
  • Review processes and pain points (+How these were scoped and prioritized) and their link to BO’s and KPIs
  • Solution design Reviews
  • Initial Value Discussion + Who/When/How value will be quantified for the next meeting (Internally or with WalkMe)
  • Review Maintenance and Optimization Expectations/Standard Operating Procedure

Product Knowledge Documentation Checklists

Checklist to standardize for Builders

Builders should document following information throughout the project and confirm comprehensiveness with a checklist at the project end.   

Builder Information

☐ Builder Name

☐ Amount of time on the project 

☐ Critical Dates: Build Start Date, QA Date(s), UAT Date(s), Go-Live Date

☐ Phase (for example, if the first implementation on this application, specify Phase 1 and date planned for Phase 2, if applicable)

Process Information

Completed Project Planner (available in the Digital Adoption Institute Project Lead courses) with the following: 

☐ Description of user workflow

☐ WalkMe items used to address user workflow:

     ☐ Item name

     ☐ Application type (Smart Walk-Thru, SmartTip, Launcher, etc.)

     ☐ Location in the Editor

     ☐ Brief description of intended behavior AND/OR short screen recording or screenshot of WalkMe flow/intended behavior (Consider using WalkMe Share tool)

☐ Associated business objective and outcome

☐ WalkMe Share link (for full view of the content architecture)

Application Information

Application-specific building nuances, such as:

☐ Specific jQuery selectors or Precision settings to be re-used + screenshots of examples (e.g. in a Salesforce build, it could read “On the top row of Opportunity page use this jQuery selector: ____)

☐ Attempted solutions that were non-viable

☐ Building nuances for various pages/areas of the application (e.g. Table X requires turning on Lock to Element for all element selections)

Editor-level information:

☐ Custom features turned on in the WalkMe Editor + why they are useful 

☐ Unique User Identifier (+ Is IDP currently in use?)

☐ Segmentation tag strategy and naming conventions

☐ Branches created that can be reused for content maintenance efficiency

☐ Support tickets (resolved resolutions)

Checklist to standardize for Project Leads

Project Leads should document the following information throughout the project, ideally in the Project Planner resource (available in the Digital Adoption Institute)

Objective Information

☐ Business Objectives 

☐ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

☐ Method and ownership of KPI measurement 

☐ Clear link between process/build and Business Objective

People Information

☐ List of stakeholders

☐ Roles and responsibilities (especially if transitioning to a post go-live team)

Project Summary Information

☐ Project Cycle Time 

☐ # of days delayed 

☐ Time from Kickoff to value 

☐ Highest visibility risks and risk mitigation summaries (or ongoing mitigation plans) 

☐ Saved copies of project status updates (for example, via email)

Get Started 

  • Program Manager creates a focus group with 2-3 top Builders and 2-3 top Project Leads at your organization
  • Program Manager reviews the Knowledge Documentation Checklist for Builders and Knowledge Documentation Checklist for Project Leads (see above) and invites feedback
  • Program Manager aggregates feedback and creates a Standard Operating Procedure for how the Project Lead and Builder should keep track of important application and implementation details

Your Knowledge Documentation checklists are only as good as how often they are used. 

Your Digital Adoption Team’s Program Manager is accountable to any new standardized procedures being communicated to relevant Center of Excellence roles (in this case, the Project Lead and Builder) and keeping those roles accountable to following the new processes.

Connect with Peers via the WalkMe Community

Make it real! Visit the WalkMe Community and join Strategy & DAPtics – a peer-led group that meets monthly to share resources and discuss Digital Adoption strategy.

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