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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Workflows Standard View

Last Updated May 21, 2024

Brief Overview

As a builder, the Workflows Standard View is a valuable tool for improving your implementation of WalkMe solutions. Our application provides advanced AI capabilities for discovering new workflows, as well as a simplified configuration process to help you get started quickly.

Additionally, the requests list page allows you to review requested tasks, prioritize them, and develop solutions while tracking progress. With our tool, you can also directly communicate your needs to stakeholders and managers.

Builders can also use content tagging to assign tasks to specific pieces of WalkMe content. Tagging allows users to create a customized dashboard for the associated workflow and track its success. The dashboard can be shared with business stakeholders to provide a comprehensive view of the tagged content's impact.


How It Works

Explore Workflows

Explore Workflows in the Workflow Catalog, which serves as a homepage providing a high-level view of all active and available workflows that span across 20+ business domains and industries.

The catalog has two main sections:

  • Active Workflows: Workflows that have been requested or assigned
  • Workflows: All available workflows that can be searched or filtered by business domain

Explore Workflows with AI

Save time browsing WalkMe's extensive catalog of workflows by using natural language queries to find relevant tasks for you.

  1. Click the Explore Workflows with AI button
  2. Type a description of the business challenge you are facing or workflow you want to improve in the AI Search field
  3. Click AI Search or press enter on your keyboard
  4. A list of relevant tasks will appear

Business Domain filter

Use the Business Domain filter to view only the workflows that are relevant to your specific business area.

  1. Click the Business Domain dropdown
  2. Search for a business domain or select one from the dropdown to focus your results

Requests List

Manage your tasks via the Requests List page. The Requests List serves as a high-level project management feature. This feature allows you to easily update the status of your tasks and access crucial information related to them. In addition, you can communicate to your colleagues using comments.


  • Assign a builder to a task
  • Update a task status
  • Select the priority for a task
  • Set a due date
  • View the related workflow, business domain, and content level
  • Communicate with business stakeholders
  • Additional Actions Menu
    • Delete tasks
    • Download content
    • Preview content

Tasks status

Click a task status to update the status. There are 9 status options:

  • Open: Task requested, content not yet downloaded
  • Downloaded: Task content downloaded to editor, no adjustments made yet
  • In Progress: Builder currently working on task content in editor
  • Ready for Review: Task content in editor ready for manager's review
  • Ready for Publish: Manager reviewed task content and ready for builder to publish to production
  • Published: Task content successfully published
  • Complete: Task marked as complete
  • Canceled: Task canceled and will not be worked on
  • Unpublished: Task content removed from production

Stay connected and collaborate effectively with your team by using task comments.

  1. Click the speech bubble icon on the task bar
  2. Click Add Comment or reply to a specific comment
  3. Type your comment
  4. Click Add

Additional Actions Menu

To access additional actions for a task, click the three vertical dots icon.

The menu offers three options:

  • Delete: Removes a task from the Requests List
  • Preview: Allows you to preview the contents of a task's content package, if a preview is available
  • Download: Initiates the configuration and download process for the task's content, if the content has not been downloaded yet

Configure and Download

Select tasks to configure from the Catalog

  1. Click a workflow from the Workflows list in the catalog
  2. A list of available tasks will appear
    • Each task tile has a short description and a status label
  3. Select an individual task or bulk select tasks you'd like to configure
  4. Click Configure
  5. A configuration popup will appear

As long as at least one Task in the Workflow supports Solution Accelerators, the configure option will be visible. “Configure” will be greyed out if the selected Task does not support Solution Accelerators.

Configuration popup

System Configuration

1. On the System Configuration page, users must select two dropdowns, including:

  • System Type: The System Type allows users to select the available Accelerator System Type to download
  • Account Destination System: The Account Destination System dropdown allows users to select a Editor System within their account where the Accelerator content will be downloaded

2. Click Next

Content Selection

The Content Selection page allows users to choose which level of content they wish to download for their implementation.

3. Select one of the following content levels:

  • Crawl: Little effort required to publish this content. Use this level if you need a quick solution now
  • Walk: Moderate effort required to publish this content. Use this level if time is less of an issue and you want to gain more value
  • Run: Considerable effort required to publish this content. Use this level if time isn't an issue and you want to gain the most value

4. Click Next

Language Settings

The Language Settings page allows users to select additional languages available for a specific Task.

Additional languages downloaded within a Task will be located and pre-configured within the Text and Multi-Language page in the Admin Center.

5. Optional Select additional languages

6. Click Download to Editor

Content Tagging and Custom Dashboards

Content tagging helps you link WalkMe content, such as ShoutOuts, Smart Walk-Thrus, and SmartTips), to Workflows and Tasks found in our Workflows Catalog. The assigned content will be displayed in the Active Workflows and Active Tasks sections. This feature also allows you to build custom dashboards for the associated Workflows and Tasks, which can be shared with stakeholders to monitor the Workflow implementation's progress.

Content Tagging and Workflow Insights Dashboards

Demo Video

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