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Technical Release Notes – 2020

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January 20, 2020 

What’s New

  • We have released a new menu template “Ireland” available in the Customize Menu Tab (web platform).
  • Gain more insight into your users using an end-user attribute enrichment API. Integrate the end-user attribute enrichment API and gain immediate insight and take action based on your end user’s attributes (Insights).
  • When creating or editing filter rules in the Insights dashboards, the data is refreshed only upon the “Apply filter” button (Insights)

January 13, 2020 – Product Release!

What’s New

  • The new WalkMe Homepage, dap.walkme.com (Home page for EU data center http://eu-dap.walkme.com/) is your one-stop-shop for WalkMe. Now you can plan, analyze and build your WalkMe content from a single entry point (all platforms).
  • Tracked Events Dashboard in Insights, now you can visualize and analyze usage trends over time, and access engagement data that reflects these trends to help you better understand your users and their behavior (Insights).
  • Controlling UBT data collection is now available for User Behavior tracking in Insights (web platform).
  • In the WalkMe Integrations Center, we now offer out of the Box Salesforce Incoming Integration (Integration Center).
  • Personalize WalkMe content for internal end-users by using Identity Provider (IDP) user data. Now you can Integrate IDP user data into Insights to segment your WalkMe content and create a more personalized experience for users (Integration Center).
  • Manage your WalkMe content easier with our new Editor grid view. Expands your existing WalkMe content into a smart grid structure so you can better view, sort, filter and manage your content (web platform).
  • WalkMe for Desktop has released a new experience for Windows & MAC with the WalkMe Workstation (Desktop).
  • Rich-text and Dynamic text is now available in the ShoutOut Visual Editor (web platform)
  • The All-In-One-Installer download page now lets you choose which browsers will be installed, providing you with more control and independence (web platform).
  • WalkMe Share now possesses the ability to hide slides from a presentation. Slides hidden will not appear in a generated slideshow or video (web platform).
  • We have introduced 2 new Domains with WalkMe Share: share.walkme.com and eu-share.walkme.com, also available from the DAP Homepage (all platforms).
  • Advanced Search, is now available in the Editor, allowing users to find and replace elements by Id, class, text, URL, and more (web platform).

January 5, 2020 

What’s New

  • We have updated the WalkMe privacy policy to comply with CCPA as well as GDPR privacy standards (all platforms).
  • In the ShoutOut Visual Editor, we have now made the ‘x’ button a customizable widget, just as it is in Web (Mobile Web – Editor).


  • The Editor Menu Organizer has been redesigned and has had usability improvements (Editor).
  • We have updated the Element Settings Menu for better UX. The Precision Tab has been renamed to Selected Element and the Behavior Tab is now Display Conditions.

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