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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Using Website Functions within WalkMe

Last Updated April 30, 2024

Brief Overview 

Website functions outside of WalkMe couldn't be used within the various WalkMe features. As a result, the information contained within those functions needed to be available in the form of a variable for WalkMe to leverage.

Now the following WalkMe features support the use of website functions:

  • UUID
  • Rule Engine
  • WalkMe Data
  • Analytics

How to Use

To define any of the mentioned WalkMe features, please use the 'Variable' type, for example:

  • Creating a rule based on a function's returned value
  • Creating a UUID based on a website function

Technical Notes

  • The best practice is to make the function available on all pages across the environment
  • The function must be populated before WalkMe has loaded on the page
  • Function must return a text value, or an array of values
  • Arguments cannot be used while incorporating the function into the rule (nothing inside the parenthesis)
  • When the returned value is a JSON, we can add a parameter after the function to further refine it
    • For example, if getUser() returns {Name:”Test User”, ID: “123”} then getUser().Name will only return the value “Test User”
  • Functions are not intended for mathematical calculations

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