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Advanced Building Options (7)

  • Last Update December 22, 2020

    jQuery Selectors

    Brief Overview jQuery is a Javascript library that can be used to manipulate a page of HTML. jQuery selectors allow you to identify elements in the HTML structure based on their characteristics such as...
  • Last Update April 16, 2020

    jQuery Selector Optimizer

    Brief Overview With most WalkMe deployables it is possible to freely input jQuery selectors to select elements. The jQuery library has existed for quite a while, but its syntax and way of writing selectors...
  • Last Update October 8, 2020

    WalkMe jQuery Cheatsheet

    Helpful Tips Console:  This is generally the word used to describe the Developer Tools, specifically the Elements section that shows all the HTML that exists on a page. This can be confusing since there...
  • Last Update November 8, 2020

    What is Dynamic Text?

    Brief Overview Dynamic Text allows you to customize text used by WalkMe for different features. Dynamic text is based on end-user information, and allows you to personalize a ShoutOut or balloon with a user’s...
  • Last Update November 17, 2020

    How To Use Dynamic Text For Visual Display

    Brief Overview Personalized messages and calls-to-action increase click-through rates for your WalkMe items. Dynamic Text allows you to create personalized messages for your end-users and insert them into Walk-Thru steps/popups, ShoutOuts, SmartTips (Guidance-type), and...
  • Last Update January 24, 2019

    What is Regex?

    Brief Overview Regular expressions (AKA regex) allow you to manipulate Dynamic Text that appears in WalkMe content or that is part of automated processes. Using regular expression syntax is ideal for situations where Dynamic...
  • Last Update September 6, 2020

    Element Library (Repository)

    Brief Overview WalkMe’s Element Repository Feature is a library of pre-captured, system-specific elements created using WalkMe best practices. Users can build deployables by selecting a Repository Element that allows WalkMe to maintain and update new...
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