Advanced Building (9)

  • Last Update May 26, 2022

    Cross-App Solutions

    Brief Overview This cross-app solution allows you to share your WalkMe Data between systems. This feature enables multi-system WalkMe Data. Meaning, you can store data in a different system’s storage. For example, users can start...

  • Last Update November 16, 2022

    Logic Rules

    Logic Rules allow you to create logic statements inside of the Rule Engine based on dynamic attributes and predefined constants.

  • Last Update April 25, 2022

    WalkMe jQuery Cheatsheet

    Use this Cheatsheet to find the best way to optimize WalkMe with jQuery.

  • Last Update August 11, 2021

    jQuery Selector Optimizer

    The ‘jQuery Optimizer’ detects if a specific selector that you have written can be rewritten with a more modern syntax that would evaluate faster.

  • Last Update July 1, 2021

    How To Use Dynamic Text For Visual Display

    Dynamic Text allows you to create personalized messages for your end-users and insert them into Walk-Thru steps/popups, ShoutOuts, SmartTips (Guidance-type), Launchers, and Surveys.

  • Last Update March 22, 2021

    What is Regex?

    Regular expressions (AKA regex) allow you to manipulate Dynamic Text that appears in WalkMe content or that is part of automated processes.

  • Last Update June 9, 2022

    jQuery Selectors

    jQuery selectors allow you to identify elements in the HTML structure based on their characteristics such as id, class, type, attributes, or values of attributes.

  • Last Update June 29, 2022


    A Variable contains useful information about a user that WalkMe can then use to help target specific users and ensure a user will see only content relevant to them.

  • Last Update November 17, 2021

    What is Dynamic Text?

    Dynamic Text allows you to customize text used by WalkMe for different features.

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