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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

How To Access and Embed WalkMe Status Page Information–Access, Embed & Join RSS Feed

Last Updated April 14, 2021


This is your home-base for accessing and embedding WalkMe service status information. There are several ways to view/embed the status of WalkMe's services, including visiting the Status Page, embedding the page's contents into WordPress or HTML, and subscribing for the WalkMe RSS feed. Learn more below!

Visit Status Page

You can visit the WalkMe Status Page to learn about the status of our WalkMe services.

Embed Status Page in WordPress

Copy and paste this URL into your WordPress site to embed the WalkMe Status Page in your WordPress-based site:

Embed Status Page in HTML

Copy and paste this code into your HTML to embed the WalkMe Status Page in your website:

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