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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Understanding Insights Pages (16)

  • Last Update June 25, 2024

    Flow Analytics

    By using Flow Analytics, enterprises can map, analyze, and optimize their business processes across multiple applications and multiple users.

  • Last Update April 28, 2024

    New Console Insights

    Brief Overview WalkMe Insights, your go-to destination for understanding the performance of your DAP Initiatives, will gradually transition into the WalkMe Console. This updated platform offers a more comprehensive analytics experience for your DAP...

  • Last Update July 16, 2024

    Insights Overview Page

    The Insights Overview page provides numerous reports populated with your Insights Collected data.

  • Last Update June 5, 2024

    Insights Apps Overview Page

    Brief Overview The Apps Overview page in Insights presents an overview of all the WalkMe app usage for a system together on one page. In addition to the overview page, each WalkMe app (Smart Walk-Thrus, ShoutOuts,...

  • Last Update December 3, 2023

    Analyzing the Insights Apps Pages

    When analyzing your apps data in the Insights Apps pages, you can drill down deeper into certain categories, including Smart Walk-Thrus, Walk-Thrus, and Surveys.

  • Last Update July 16, 2024

    Systems Overview

    The Systems Overview page in the WalkMe Console serves as the primary Insights dashboard with visibility into software usage across your organization.

  • Last Update November 14, 2022

    Digital Adoption Projects Dashboard

    Brief Overview The Digital Adoption Projects Dashboard allows you to view the status and progress of digital adoption initiatives.  Senior management can define their business KPIs here in an easy and intuitive way, without...

  • Last Update February 20, 2022

    Business Productivity Dashboard

    The Business Productivity Dashboard is one place where managers can gain visibility into software usage, and business productivity of their employees.

  • Last Update April 3, 2022

    Applying Insights Data

    The data collected through Insights can be used to identify users’ pain points in various processes on your platform and identify what WalkMe applications could be useful for improvement.

  • Last Update May 25, 2023

    Insights Users Page

    The Users and Accounts page allows you to get to know your end users better.