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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

TeachMe (6)

  • Last Update July 6, 2022

    Export TeachMe Data (xAPI, CSV)

    Brief Overview TeachMe Analytics can be exported to both xAPI or CSV formats. What is xAPI? Experience API (xAPI) statements are a specification used to track learning experiences. It is often used in the...

  • Last Update January 3, 2024

    Open TeachMe via WalkMe Menu

    Brief Overview Whether you are using TeachMe for your employees internally or helping your external users have the best experience with your website or product, they'll need to be able to access TeachMe. In...

  • Last Update April 26, 2022

    How to Customize Old TeachMe UI

    Brief Overview TeachMe is an app that lets you package your WalkMe experiences into learning modules and courses. With TeachMe you can create multiple courses for your users and structure them down a learning...

  • Last Update October 27, 2022

    TeachMe Analytics

    TeachMe customers can leverage the new TeachMe Dashboard to gain visibility into how end-users are engaging with their lessons, courses, and WalkMe items, as well as to evaluate end-users knowledge level by analyzing quiz...

  • Last Update November 28, 2023

    Create & Edit TeachMe Courses

    Learn how to create & edit TeachMe Courses in the Dashboard.

  • Last Update April 24, 2024


    TeachMe (Courses) is an App that lets you package your WalkMe experiences into learning modules and complete courses.