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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Export TeachMe Data (xAPI, CSV)

Last Updated July 6, 2022

Brief Overview

TeachMe Analytics can be exported to both xAPI or CSV formats.

What is xAPI?

Experience API (xAPI) statements are a specification used to track learning experiences. It is often used in the Learning and Development industry (L&D).

Unlike CSV format, which simply organizes data into a table, xAPI statements are JSON objects structured as "actor, verb, object." For example: Jane (actor) completed (verb) Course XYZ (object). This type of format streamlines data allowing analysts to track learning experiences where ever they occur, including in TeachMe!

With xAPI, you can see how users progressed through each course: what their responses are for each question, what resources they refer to, where they dropped out, etc.

Why use xAPI?

Export TeachMe xAPI to your LMS in order to track your users entire learning experience from one location.

Export TeachMe Data

The following pages can be exported to xAPI and CSV:

  • Users (export data on User progress)

The following pages can only be exported to CSV:

  • Course Overview (download all data for every TeachMe course)
  • Specific Course (export data for a specific course)

Exported data is the same as what is available in the analytics. See TeachMe Analytics to learn more.

xAPI verb list and definition

Verb Definition
Launched Course started (+start time)
Completed Course completed (+completion time)
Passed Quiz passed (+score)
Failed Quiz failed (+score)

To export data:

  1. Navigate to the page you'd like to export data:
    • Courses Overview
    • Course (specific)
    • User
  2. Click the icon*  at the top right corner of the table.
  3. Your file is downloaded.

To export from the User page click the export icon and select the desired format (CSV or xAPI). 

Every other page has a CSV icon.

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