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The Customize Tab in the Editor (3)

  • Last Update July 15, 2019

    How To Organize the Player Menu

    Brief Overview You can customize the Player Menu your end-users will see when WalkMe loads on your website/application. How Does it Work? You can organize your items through the Menu Organizer in the WalkMe...
  • Last Update March 18, 2019

    Customize Balloon

    Brief Overview In the Customize Balloon tab, change the Walk-Thru step balloon theme. Customize the theme color, font, animation, and shape. In the preview box, view how the balloon will appear with the selected...
  • Last Update June 24, 2020

    Customize Player Tab

    Brief Overview In the Customize Player tab in Customize, you can make changes to the tab (widget) that sits on the edge of the page and opens the Player Menu when clicked. We recommend...