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Work flows better with WalkMe.

Auto-update and Force Update Workstation

Last Updated November 7, 2023

Brief Overview

Auto-update URL Scheme is a feature that allows Workstation to automatically check for updates and install them without any user intervention. This feature is useful in ensuring that users have access to the latest version of Workstation at all times.

Force Update URL Scheme is a feature that allows Workstation to force users to update to a new version of the application. This can be useful in situations where the updated version contains, for example, critical bug fixes or security patches that need to be installed immediately.

Update Workstation

Support a new permalink action, checkForUpdate, with few optional args:

Argument Description
To update the app even when not logged in
possible values are:
  • full path of the updates Feed URL
  • default to let the app use the default urls per arch, os and env.
The version you want to get ahead to - if current version >= the to value - no update should take place
The version you want to get ahead from- if current > the value of the from and to is not specified, no update should take place
Relaunch after the update was successfully downloaded
  • if an update was already ready even before the permalink was used, it will cause the app to relaunch

The checkForUpdate action should be consumed by the container to deal with the request as early as possible.


updatesFeedURL should be used carefully! it is a per OS and per architecture url.


  • There is no guarantee or an ongoing process of a successful update of the app and\or updating it to\above the to value
  • The new permalink will trigger one traditional update check

Force Update Example URL

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