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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Disable WalkMe Events API

Last Updated July 20, 2022


By default, WalkMe Mobile does not track any end user personally identifiable information (PII), however, it does track information on end users activity in the app anonymously.

The Disable Events API (events filtering), supported from SDK version 1.16.0 and above, is meant to be used by apps that for compliance or regulatory purposes, need to allow their end users to select which data they allow to be collected on their activity within the app, even if it is anonymous. For example, a specific app user may not allow user behavior tracking, meaning for this specific user the app will want to filter the view_transition and interaction event types, even though by default the app sends them.

WalkMe does not keep the disabled events settings, and in case they were set per a specific end user - they should be set for this user for every new session.

If you wish to completely disable a specific event for all end users, please reach out to your WalkMe contact for this setting to be configured for your app (does not require setting through API).

WalkMe Event Types

The table below lists the Android and iOS event names that can be passed to the Disable API.

WalkMe Event type

Event name on Android

Event name on iOS

WalkMe session started SESSION_STARTED WMStatsEventTypeSessionStarted
WalkMe stopped (by Stop WalkMe API) SESSION_STOPPED WMStatsEventTypeAppTerminated
App moved to the foreground of the device APP_ENTERED_FG WMStatsEventTypeAppEnteredFg
App moved to the background of the device APP_ENTERED_BG WMStatsEventTypeAppEnteredBg
Campaign viewed PROMO_IMP WMStatsEventTypePromoImp
ShoutOut, Launcher or Survey Campaign interacted, or Walk-Thru campaign completed PROMO_CLK WMStatsEventTypePromoClk
Walk-Thru step viewed STEP_IMP WMStatsEventTypeStepImp
Walk-Thru step interacted STEP_CLK WMStatsEventTypeStepClk
Public User Attribute set USERS WMStatsEventTypeUsers
Goal reached GOAL WMStatsEventTypeGoal
App screen transition (User Behavior Tracking) VIEW_TRANSITION WMStatsEventTypeViewTransition

How to use the Disable WalkMe Events API on Android apps

    * Set events that won't be sent
    * @param events events to ignore
    * Usage Example:
    * </p>
    * ABBI.setEventsFilter(new ArrayList<String>(){{add(WMStatsEventType.APP_ENTERED_BG);add(WMStatsEventType.APP_ENTERED_BG);}})
    * */
   public static void setEventsFilter(List<String> events) {

For example:


How to use the Disable WalkMe Events API on iOS apps

 * Set events that won't be sent
 *@param events of type WMStatsEventType that won't be sent
+ (void)setEventsFilter:(NSArray<NSNumber*>*)events;

Swift example:

ABBI.setEventsFilter([NSNumber(value: WMStatsEventType.interaction.rawValue), NSNumber(value: WMStatsEventType.viewTransition.rawValue)])

Objective C example:

[ABBI setEventsFilter:@[@(WMStatsEventTypeInteraction), @(WMStatsEventTypeViewTransition)]];

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