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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Set Language API

Last Updated July 20, 2022


This API is only relevant for customers using the WalkMe Mobile Multi-Language feature. To enable this feature and to get more information on it, contact your WalkMe representative.

If your app users can switch the language of the app's user interface, it is recommended you set the WalkMe language to match the language in the app. Since WalkMe has no way to know which language the app is currently displayed in, the Set Language API can be used to force a language switch. The API is supported from SDK version 1.18.0 and above. 

It is most recommended the call the setLanguage API before calling ABBI.start (the SDK load command), so that WalkMe loads in the appropriate language. If the API is called mid-session, after the SDK was already initialized, the setLanguage API will also perform the activate a behavior similar to the Restart API, so that the content can be fetched in the set language (to clarify: there's no need to call the Restart API, the setLanguage API already handles the session reset).

How to Implement the Set Language API

Android Apps

*  Set the language for your campaigns.
*  When used, the language param you pass should match the name of one of the languages you've set up in the console.
*   @param language the language for which you want the SDK to display your campaigns

public static void setLanguage(String language) 

iOS Apps

* Set WalkMe language. The language name parameter should match the name set for the language in the console. 
+ (void)setLanguage:(NSString *)language;

iOS Usage Examples:

[ABBI setLanguage:@"my_english_translation"];

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