Mobile: What Is The Campaign Trigger API and How Is It Used?

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Brief Overview

In addition to static triggers, Campaigns can be triggered by a unique API call integrated into the app.

The API trigger is useful for activating Campaigns by an action performed in your app, such as a button tap or a screen transition. For example, if there is nothing in the app to key a segment off of, you can set an API trigger to precisely determine the moment when a Campaign will start.

Enabling the API Trigger in the Mobile Console

The API trigger requires setting a key with which the Campaign will use to start, which can be done in the Campaign Wizard’s REVIEW & PUBLISH tab.

Click on the API trigger:

and enter the API key:

How To Integrate API Triggers With Your App


Trigger a campaign without redirect




Trigger a campaign without redirect

[ABBI trigger:@"my-key"];

[ABBI trigger:@"my-key" withDeepLink:@"myapp://deep_link"];

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