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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Insights Apps Overview Page

Last Updated June 5, 2024

Brief Overview

The Apps Overview page in Insights presents an overview of all the WalkMe app usage for a system together on one page.

In addition to the overview page, each WalkMe app (Smart Walk-Thrus, ShoutOuts, Launchers, Onboarding, etc.) has its own analytics page with out of the box reports. To learn more, please see the Understanding the Insights Apps Pages article.

These reports include important information to help you understand how users engage with WalkMe on a daily basis, and also how an existing solution can be improved for better results.

Below is an example of how the Apps Overview page may look:

How it Works

The Apps Overview page can broken down into several sections which we will go over below.

  • Note: All data shown on the Apps Overview page is pulled regardless of the publish state (published, archived, draft, etc.)

General Apps Overview Metrics

Users WalkMe was available to

  • Out of the total number of app users, the number of users potentially and actually exposed to WalkMe.
  • Indicates the WalkMe “reach,” or how many users we reached with WalkMe content, but doesn't indicate how many people interacted with the content.

Percentage of users WalkMe was available to

  • If the percentage of Users WalkMe was available to is between 100% and 101%, the number is rounded down to 100%.
  • If the percentage of Users WalkMe was available to is equal or higher than 101%, the percentage metric and text is removed, and only the count is presented.

Users who interacted with WalkMe

The total count of Users WalkMe was available to who interacted with a WalkMe item.

  • Meaning users who clicked or played any of the WalkMe items (see WalkMe usage by Item Type)
  • In this context, interaction includes the following:
    1. Played a Walk-Thru, Task, Shuttle, or Resource
    2. Clicked a Launcher, Menu item, ShoutOut action, Live Chat link, or an 'open a ticket' link
    3. Opened the WalkMe Menu
    4. Submitted a Survey or Quiz
    5. Searched in the WalkMe Menu
    6. The End User interacted with the ActionBot

Average users interactions with WalkMe

  • The average number of times a user has interacted with any WalkMe content.

Line graph

  • The line graph shows the trend of user interaction and WalkMe availability during the chosen date range.
  • You can hover over a date to see the actual metrics.

Users Panel

In order to view the full list of users for Users WalkMe Was Available To and Users who interacted with WalkMeyou can click on the number and a side menu will open:

Please note: The panel is limited to 10,000 users - beyond that a report must be exported.

💡 Tips:

  • In the panel you can use the search bar to search for users, sort by user name in the User column, as well as filter values under the Country column.
  • The export button will download a CSV report.

You can use the open icon to open the users list in a separate tab and display the full list of users.

The list displays users that match the date range, the filter, and the metric selected in the Apps Overview page.

WalkMe Usage By Item Type

This section contains a dynamic diagram and list of WalkMe item types indicating their respective interaction (according to the interaction definition below) levels.

Clicking on any of the item types will bring you to the detailed corresponding app page. Learn more.

  • Item Type: Specific WalkMe item-type name
  • Unique Users: Total count of unique users who interacted with the specific item
  • Interactions: Total count of user interactions with the specific item

Note: In rare cases, the displayed number of unique users will be slightly higher than interactions, this is due to an approximation function used for calculation.

Top WalkMe Items

This table displays the top five WalkMe items ranked by the number of unique users who interacted with them.

  • Type: App type
  • Name: Name of the specific WalkMe item
  • Unique Users: Total count of unique users who interacted with the specific item
  • Interactions: Total count of interactions with the specific item
    • Note: Interactions also when a WalkMe item was visible to a user, even if they did not engage with it.

Top Goals Reached

This table shows the top five WalkMe Goals reached from all applications.

  • Goal: Name of a specific main Goal
  • Times Reached: The total count of times a specific main Goal was reached throughout all WalkMe application interactions
  • Success Rate: Percentage of time a specific Goal was reached of the total times the associated item was interacted with

💡 Tip: Hover over the "i" icon to the right to see the related app.


Insights distinguishes between end users who had WalkMe visible and end users who actually interacted with WalkMe's apps.

Here is the detailed definition of the 2 different metrics by WalkMe app type:

App WalkMe Interaction Definition WalkMe Available Definition
Onboarding (task) A task was played or completed A task was played, completed, or visible
Smart Walk-Thru A Smart Walk-Thru was played (this metric does not count individual SWT steps and SWT plays initiated by branching) A Smart Walk-Thru or Smart Walk-Thru step was been played
Menu (player) The menu was opened The menu was open or visible (including the WalkMe widget)
  • A guidance SmartTip balloon was visible or clicked on
  • A validation SmartTip was passed or failed
  • The SmartTip icon was visible, or the end user viewed the SmartTip balloon
  • A validation SmartTip was passed or failed
Resources A Resource was played A Resource was played
Launchers A Launcher was clicked A Launcher was played or clicked
Walk-Thrus A Walk-Thru was played A Walk-Thru was played
ShoutOuts A ShoutOut was clicked on (only action click, shoutout dismissed is not counted as an interaction) A ShoutOut was shown
Shuttles A Shuttle was played A Shuttle was played
Surveys A Survey was submitted A Survey was played, submitted, or dismissed
TeachMe TeachMe course or lesson item was started or TeachMe course was submitted TeachMe was visible
Search User searched or clicked on an item in the search results User searched or clicked on an item in the search results
Live Chat User clicked on the live chat option User clicked on the live chat option
Help Desk "Open a ticket" link clicked "Open a ticket" link clicked
ActionBot User opened the ActionBot User opened the ActionBot

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