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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Mobile: What Are ShoutOuts and How Are They Used?

Last Updated March 30, 2021

Brief Overview

WalkMe Mobile ShoutOuts are an excellent means of grabbing your app's end-users' attention, and encouraging them towards any number of behaviors. ShoutOuts can be used as simple messages, as entry points to other actions (e.g., Walk-Thrus, going to an app's settings page, external links such as the App Store, etc.), or as a canvas to display a web-view on:

A unique type of ShoutOut is the "In-App Rate Us" campaign that's available for iOS apps. This campaign prompts a native dialog suggesting that the user rate the app, and the user can do so without needing to leave the app itself. Read more about In-App Rate Us campaigns in our article: How To Build In-App Rate Us Campaigns (iOS Only).

Use Cases

ShoutOut use cases include the following:

  • When linked from a Launcher, can act as a hub for other campaigns (playing the role of the Player Menu / Widget on WalkMe for Web);
  • Announce a promotion or sale;
  • Ask for reviews from your end-users;
  • Introduce your end-users to new features in your app;
  • Prompt your end-users to upgrade to your app's most recent version.

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