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Mobile: What is Segmentation and How Is It Used?

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Brief Overview

Segmentation is a means of providing unique experiences on your app to different groups of end-users depending on various factors. Using segmentation, you can differentiate and specialize the WalkMe Mobile experience for an app’s end-users, providing unique and tailored experiences to each end-user depending on which audience segment they belong to.

You can use out-of-the-box segments or create complex segments based on system variables, app variables, and end-user behavior relative to indicators (i.e., Goals, User Attributes, element interactions, number of end-user sessions, etc.).

Segmentation in WalkMe Mobile is made possible by WalkMe Mobile’s powerful dedicated engagement engine.

Use Cases

Segmentation use cases include the following:

  • Focus a campaign on a chosen audience segment;
  • Encourage end-users who haven’t yet updated your app to do so.

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