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Work flows better with WalkMe.

Remember My Account Mobile Workstation

Last Updated February 8, 2024

Brief Overview

For users of Workstation Mobile, we now provide an account memory feature to enhance your user experience when connecting to the IDP.

To remember your account on the app, the autofill settings must be enabled. This functionality enables your device to holds essential information about your login credentials that aid the IDP in recognizing you and logging you in automatically the next time you enter Mobile Workstation.

This feature is designed to save you time and enhance the convenience of the login process, especially if you visit the IDP on a regular basis. By utilizing this feature, you can enjoy a seamless login experience that eliminates the need to input your login credentials repeatedly.

How to Enable Autofill Settings

The autofill feature is available to users upon their initial login to the Mobile Workstation platform, as well as at any subsequent point in time as needed through the app settings. Learn how to apply the autofill settings:

During Initial Login

After your initial login to Workstation Mobile, you will be directed to a popup screen asking if you'd like to enable the autofill settings.

Click OK to enable the autofill setting.

Learn more about logging in to Mobile Workstation here.

Through App Settings

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab
  2. Click Autofill Settings
  3. Select your desired autofill service


  • Only available on Android devices

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