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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Connectors

Last Updated May 5, 2023

What are Connectors?

WalkMe Connectors are a feature that enable secure, server-to-server communication to enable WalkMe to play on certain Salesforce sites; for example, Salesforce Lightning.

How do Connectors Work?

In order to add a Connector, you must be a Salesforce Admin user with the following permissions to create static resources (SR) in Salesforce using API:

  • Customize Application permission: The ability to create and update Salesforce Static Resources.
    • WalkMe Content is saved within Salesforce as static resources. These are ZIP files that contain WalkMe self-hosted files.
  • API Enabled: The ability to invoke API calls.
    • WalkMe Connectors update Salesforce static resources using API calls, and if this permission isn't enabled, no API access can be granted.

Read more about viewing and editing Salesforce static resources

The Connector is created using OAuth (Open Authorization) authentication protocol. OAuth allows secure, standardized API authorization from desktop and web applications.

OAuth works by allowing WalkMe restricted access to relevant data at the resource server via tokens issued by an authorization server in response to your authorization.

At no point is personal information (e.g. a user's Username or Password) saved or even entered in the WalkMe application. WalkMe only saves the access token generated by Salesforce servers.

Each connector is unique per system (i.e. Lightning) and per environment (Sandbox, Test, Production).

Where Do I Find the Connector?

The Connectors are defined in WalkMe's Editor once this feature has been enabled by your Account Manager.

  1. Click the Settings tab main Editor page
  2. Open the Connectors tab.

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