Mobile: Walk-Thrus (6)

  • Last Update July 19, 2022

    Mobile: Action Steps

    Brief Overview Action Steps are a step type that are very useful for automation use cases. The ability to take action on behalf of end-users improves productivity and time to value for app users....

  • Last Update November 8, 2022

    Mobile: Smart Walk-Thru Building Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

    Smart Walk-Thru Building Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices Smart Walk-Thru Segmentation, Triggers and Start Points There are a few UI differentiators to be aware of as you plan your Smart Walk-Thru implementation: Segmentation for...

  • Last Update March 28, 2021

    Mobile: What Are Walk-Thrus and How Are They Used?

    Brief Overview WalkMe Mobile Walk-Thrus are an interactive way to lead your app’s end-users step-by-step through app processes: Since navigating from one place in a mobile app to another is more straightforward than on...

  • Last Update July 19, 2022

    Mobile: How To Edit Smart Walk-Thrus

    The Mobile Console displays a flow map of captured steps: Editing Mobile Smart Walk-Thrus Editing Mobile Smart Walk-Thrus in Power Mode While previewing a Smart Walk-Thru and playing a given a step, you can...

  • Last Update December 7, 2022

    Mobile: Smart Walk-Thrus

    Smart Walk-Thrus Smart Walk-Thrus simplify the user experience by providing on-screen guidance at the moment of need so that your customers can complete any task successfully. In the WalkMe Mobile Console, the Smart Walk-Thru...

  • Last Update July 19, 2022

    Mobile: Rich Design of Steps (Visual Editor)

    Rich Design of Steps You can now create beautiful and rich designs for Walk-Thru steps using our advanced visual editor. This means all WalkMe Mobile Campaign types can now be completely customized! Use Cases...

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