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Rich Design of Steps

You can now create beautiful and rich designs for Walk-Thru steps using our advanced visual editor. This means all WalkMe Mobile Campaign types can now be completely customized!

Use Cases

  • Add buttons to steps to link users to additional content in the middle of a Walk-Thru
  • Add “step #” indicator to let users know how far along in a process they are
  • Contextualize the experience with dynamic text using user-attributes (i.e. “Welcome [name]”)

How it Works

  • Supported from SDK 2.0 +
  • The feature is enabled through the mobile back office on the app level. Please contact your WalkMe Mobile representative to enable this feature.
  • Drag and drop objects onto the canvas and freely position/edit under properties on the left. For more info on using the design editor, check out our Visual Editor¬†article.


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