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Brief Overview

Action Steps are a new step type that are very useful for automation use cases. The ability to take action on behalf of end users improves productivity and time to value for app users. Previously, WalkMe Mobile supported balloon and banner steps as well as auto-tap steps. The first Action Step type added is “Scroll” and in the future more action types will be added.

Use Cases

  • Auto-scroll to a specific element “type”

Steps to add Action Step

  1. In the Mobile Console, create or modify an existing SWT by hovering over the + and clicking “Action Step”
  2. Select “Type”, “Sub Type” and “Value”

Type Sub Type Value
Scroll Callback Type of element (i.e. UILabel)



  • iOS only currently
  • Regular captured step must follow immediately after the “scroll” action step. This provides the scroll action context to scroll to the appropriate container where the element exists.


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