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Mobile: What Are Walk-Thrus and How Are They Used?

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Brief Overview

WalkMe Mobile Walk-Thrus are an interactive way to lead your app’s end-users step-by-step through app processes:

Since navigating from one place in a mobile app to another is more straightforward than on a website, WalkMe Mobile Walk-Thrus are best used to guide end-users through complex processes, or to drive end-users’ attention to specific areas (as opposed to providing navigation assistance alone).

Use Cases

Walk-Thru use cases include the following:

  • Help end-users complete processes, such as setting up payment methods, properly filling out forms, etc.;
  • Promote feature adoption by directing end-user attention to features;
  • Highlight easy-to-miss features with spotlights;
  • Validate end-user input on forms (currently only on native iOS).

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