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Last Updated March 16, 2023

Brief Overview

Introducing Console for ActionBot! We’re excited to announce that we’re migrating the conversation building process from the Editor to the Console. 

There’s more to come! The dropdown in the Console NavBar isn’t available yet. Bots and Connections are still accessed via the Editor. Stay up to date by subscribing to our Release Notes.

We’ve started with the Conversation list page, where you can view all your conversations, including published, drafts and archived conversations. The new Conversations page is designed to make managing your conversations more streamlined and efficient. You can search for conversationsfilter them based on various criteria, and add new conversations to the list.

For now, building a new conversation still requires going back to the Editor. You can still do everything as usual from the Editor.

Get to Know

The conversation table lists all of the conversations you have created. It has the following columns:

  • Name and publish status.
  • Assigned ActionBots shows all of the Bots that this conversation is assigned to.
  • Creator shows the original builder of this conversation.
  • Creation date is the date this conversation was created.
  • Last modified is the date that this conversation was last edited.
  • Assigned segments displays all of the segments assigned to this conversation.
  • Connected actions lists all of the actions that this conversation is connected to.
Click here to learn about the publish statuses...

  • Green (filled): This conversation is published and available to end-users.
  • Green (outline): This conversation is published and available to end-users, however there are modifications that haven’t been published yet.
  • Orange: This conversation is still in draft mode and hasn’t been published yet and the building may still be in progress.
  • Grey: This conversation was published, but has been removed and is no longer available to end-users.

Search and Filter

Use the table’s search bar to quickly find conversations based on the the Bot’s name, or by conversation keywords.

Sort a column in ascending or descending order. Or use the filter to filter based on:

  • Assigned Bots
  • Creator
  • Assigned segments
  • Connected actions

How to Create a Conversation

To create a new conversation, click the Create Conversation button next to the search bar.

In the pop-up that appears,

  1. Type the conversation name.
  2. Add keywords
    • Keywords help your users find this conversation within the Bot.
    • Bulk add keywords by pasting them in the box and separating them with by pressing Enter/Return.
  3. Click Save and Continue to open the Editor and build the conversation.

Build the conversation in the Editor

For now, conversations are still built in the Editor. The Editor automatically opens for you with the conversation you just made in the ActionBot conversation list in the Editor. If you aren’t automatically redirected, you can get there by:

  1. Select ActionBot from the All Items dropdown
  2. Go to the Conversations tab → click your conversation.

📚Learn more about building conversations in the Editor.

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