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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Deploy Page in Workstation Console

Last Updated June 28, 2023

Brief Overview

The deployment page enables Console users to install and deploy their Workstation on users machines across the organization.

Step 1: Validate

The validation checklist ensures that Workstation can be deployed in your organization.

Review the checklist with the relevant stakeholders, which likely include your IT team and check the box once a condition has been confirmed.

  1. Hover over the checkbox to see who from the company confirmed each of the conditions.
  2. Hover over the condition or click on the down-arrow to expand the description of the condition.
  3. Add a comment to leave a note under the conditions and click "Save comment".

Step 2: Download

On this screen, download the installers for each of the operating systems (Windows and MacOS) within the organization.


There're three types of the Windows installers - download the installer that best suits your needs:

  1. System Installer:
    • Preferred installer for mass deployment
    • Downloads a machine wide installer in a MSI file
    • Installs Workstation for any user on sign in
  2. User Installer:
    • Downloads an EXE file that installs Workstation for the user that's currently logged in into the computer
    • Does not require user to sign out and in again after the installation
    • Not viable for scenarios where different users use the same machine, like kiosks
    • Good for piloting Workstation or testing it on a single machine for a specific user
  3. Machine Installer:
    • Downloads an MSI file that installs Workstation for any user on that machine
    • A centralized installer placing the application in / program files / folder
    • Auto-updates are disabled by default
    • Useful for virtual desktops or when several users share the same profile


  • Installer:
    • Downloads a PKG file that installs Workstation for all users on the machine
    • Supports only MacOS Intel processors
    • Used for both mass deployment and pilot testing


The Mobile app can be downloaded via App Store or Google Play.

Step 3: Configure

To deploy Workstation in the organization:

  1. Download the JSON file
  2. Choose which location is compliant with the organization policy, and place the settings file there:
Operation system Installers Settings File Path Description Example
Windows .msi, .exe <installationDir>\.. or %localappdata% One folder above the installation path C:\Program Files\WalkMe\
Windows .msi, .exe %ProgramW6432%\WalkMe Program files, in WalkMe folder C:\Program Files\WalkMe\
Windows .msi, .exe <system drive>\..\WalkMe WalkMe folder in system drive C:\WalkMe
macOS .pkg /Users/Shared/walkme

3. Enable your IDP in the Admin Center

4. Click "Send Invite" to send an email invite to your IT team. This will give them access to the page so that they can help with deployment

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