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Work flows better with WalkMe.

DocuSign Integration Capabilities

Last Updated October 12, 2023

Brief Overview

DocuSign is an American company that allows organizations to manage electronic agreements, by connecting and automating the entire agreement process. DocuSign offers eSignatures, a way to electronically sign documents.

Learn more about DocuSign. 

Security Overview

Read more about Workstation's integration security and Workstation's Enterprise Search.

Use Cases

This Workstation integration comes with the enterprise search capabilities and a homepage widget. In both we will display “envelopes”. An envelope is a DocuSign transaction.

The widget provides the following:

View envelopes in two states

  1. Action required - envelopes waiting for my signature
  2. Waiting for others - envelopes waiting for others to sign

View a list of people who haven't sign yet and send a reminder 

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