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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Expired IDP Indication

Last Updated October 3, 2023

Brief Overview

If a customer is intending to switch IDP providers or has an expired IDP, they can connect a new IDP to Workstation via the WalkMe Admin Center.

Users must logout and login again via the new IDP or Workstation will still leverage information coming from the old IDP. This may cause the following issues:

  • Integration data would still work (Search / Homepage Widgets etc.)
  • New IDP based segmentation / rules coming from the Editor will not be evaluated correctly
  • Communication Center audiences targeting and tracking will not work correctly

To ensure that users logout and login again via the new IDP, a re-login CTA will appear in case a new IDP provider is recognized and will lead users to the sign-in screen.

Create a New IDP

IDP is mandatory in order to use Workstation. Organizations are able to configure their IDP in the Console Settings.

If a customer would like to replace their IDP, it means that users will need to re-login to Workstation. To ensure customers re-login, a CTA will appear indicating to customers that they must sign in to Workstation again, and a button will take them to the Sign-In screen.

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