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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Data Types of IDP Integration Properties

Last Updated November 16, 2021

Brief Overview

Why does the data type of Integration Properties matter?

One of the main benefits of enriching WalkMe Data with additional properties is the ability to use it within Segmentation rules. In order to be able to set a proper rule using a meaningful operator, the data type should be set accordingly.

  • When setting up the IDP integration, all properties are set with the suitable data type that was identified for them.
  • The types of all the IDP properties data fields can be changed.
  • Changing the data type of an existing property will result in the unavailability of all the previous property's data.
  • For existing IDP configurations, data types will not be automatically changed.

How to Edit the Data Type of IDP Properties:

    1. In the IDP Integration page in the Admin Center page click on the list icon
    2. Click on the “Import Properties” button to edit or add additional imported properties
    3. After the properties list was loaded, you can select a property and change its data type to:
      1. String
      2. Number
      3. Date
    4. Upon changing the data type of a property a pop-up message will appear stating that the changes might impact existing segmentation rules
    5. To make sure the selected data type is suitable, you can hover above the “i” icon and check the value of that property
    6. If the selected data type isn't suitable for the property, you will be recommended to switch back to the identified data type
  1. When done click “Update Settings”
  2. You can now segment content using the imported attributes in Insights and in the Segmentation center with the suitable filter conditions according to the set data field type. Read more here.

Please note: The User Identifier field will be always converted to String type. 

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