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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

How is a Smart Walk-Thru Different From a Walk-Thru?

Last Updated July 14, 2022

Brief overview

WalkMe Smart Walk-Thrus use a new visual approach that clearly maps out the steps a user takes, similar to a flow chart. Smart Walk-Thrus are easier to create and manage than Walk-Thrus while providing a better enterprise experience. Smart Walk-Thrus also have more capabilities to accommodate different ways of completing a process.

Will my Walk-Thrus continue to work?

If you have an account with published Walk-Thrus, your account and implementation will remain unchanged, however you will not be able to create any new classic Walk-Thrus.

Please note: There will not be any technical support available for issues relating to legacy Walk-Thrus. We reccomend that you speak with your WalkMe contact for assitance on how to convert your existing Walk-Thrus into Smart Walk-Thrus.

Where can I read more about Smart Walk-Thrus?

You can learn more about Smart Walk-Thrus in the following resources:

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