How is a Smart Walk-Thru Different From a Walk-Thru?

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Smart Walk-Thrus use a new visual approach that clearly maps out the steps a user takes, similar to a flow chart. Smart Walk-Thrus are easier to create and manage than Walk-Thrus while providing the same enterprise leading experience. Smart Walk-Thrus also have more capabilities to accommodate different ways of completing a process. From the end user’s perspective, Smart Walk-Thrus and Walk-Thrus are indistinguishable.

Will my Walk-Thrus continue to work?

If you have an account with published items, your account and implementation will remain unchanged.

Take the course!

Check out the WalkMe University Course 203: Switching from Walk-Thrus to Smart Walk-Thrus  to learn about the value of Smart Walk-Thrus and how to build using best practices.

Where can I read more about Smart Walk-Thrus?

You can learn more about Smart Walk-Thrus in the following resources:

Please note we are currently in the process of updating our courses and articles to reflect this release. You may see some documentation still refer BizFlows, which is the former name of Smart Walk-Thrus.

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