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Mobile: How To Install and Update the Android WalkMe Mobile SDK Using Gradle

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This article explains how to install and update the WalkMe Android SDK using Gradle Build Tool.

Steps For Installation and Updating


  1. Modify build.gradle

    • Ensure that jCenter is in under “allprojects” repositories:
      allprojects {
      repositories {
    • Add abbisdk to the dependencies section. You can find WalkMe’s latest SDK version here:
      implementation ('abbi.io:abbisdk:+')
  2. Proguard

    • If your app is using Proguard, add the following to the configuration: -keep class abbi.io.** {*;}
  3. Unit Tests

    • If you have difficulty running your unit test tasks, add the following code to your Gradle file:
      testOptions { unitTests.all { jvmArgs '-noverify' } }
  4. Gradle Install

    • You may click on “Sync Now” in Android Studio, or open the Terminal pointing to your project root and run the following command: gradle install
  5. Integrate Your App

    • The final step is copying the link at the bottom of the new app page and placing it in your MainActivity. Choose Android and follow these instructions:
      1. In your MainActivity import section, add: import abbi.io.abbisdk.ABBI;
      2. Within the onCreate function, include the following:
        // Java:
        ABBI.start("<YOUR_APP_KEY>", "<YOUR_APP_SECRET>", getApplication());
        // Kotlin:
        ABBI.start("<YOUR_APP_KEY>", "<YOUR_APP_SECRET>", application);
  6. Verify the integration by looking for this line in your logs: ABBI SDK
    • There you should find the current version of the SDK and the app ID you are using.

You’re done! The WalkMe Console should now identify the app and confirm the integration.

How To Update the SDK Using Gradle

You must re-build your project, after which Gradle will fetch the last SDK version from JCenter. Find the latest Android SDK version here.

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