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Brief Overview

This page contains a list of ready-to-go reports that are available for each account on the New Insights by default.

Table of Common Reports

Name Description
All Unique Users All users WalkMe was loaded for, along with their First Seen and Last Seen timestamp in the report date range.
Course Completion % by User Shows each user’s course completion percentage for each of the courses available.
Daily Summary Report Shows the number of events from each deployable that occurred each day. The number of SmartTip interactions, Walk-Thru/Smart Walk-Thru plays, Launcher clicks, Widget opens, ShoutOut plays, searches, Resources viewed, and Surveys submitted grouped by day.
End User Actions A log of all user interactions with WalkMe items, including timestamp, interaction type, item name and the URL the interaction occurred at.
Engaged Unique Users All users who interacted with any WalkMe app.
Engagement by Application Engagement by application type, showing number of users and interactions.
Engagement by Deployables A list of all the WalkMe deployables, number of engaged users and number of interactions with the deployable in the requested date range.
Engagement by User A granular view of all items the user has engaged with and the number of interactions.
Goal Completions A breakdown of all Goals and the number of users that completed each Goal.
Goal Completions by User A breakdown of all the Goals completions by user.
Help Desk Clicks by User All Help Desk clicks by date, user and URL.
Last Smart Walk-Thru Step Reached by User Shows at what point of the Smart Walk-Thru a user dropped out, meaning the last step reached by date and user ID.
Launcher Clicks by User The number of total Launcher clicks by User ID and date.
Login Review Each user’s first login, last login, and the number of logins in the last 30 days.
Menu Searches A breakdown of all menu searches including the date and time the search was performed, User ID, URL, search term, and resulted action.
NPS Free Text Responses by User A breakdown of each user’s free text responses to the NPS survey, grouped by date, survey and question.
NPS Survey Responses by User A breakdown of each user’s responses to the NPS survey, grouped by date, survey and question.
Onboarding % Completion by User The percentage of completed onboarding tasks grouped by User ID, for all users that were active in the report date range.
Resource Plays by User ID Resource interactions on each website page grouped by User ID and date.
ShoutOut Action Clicks by User A breakdown of different ShoutOut interactions (plays, clicks, and dismissals) grouped by User ID and date.
SmartTip Interactions by User  A breakdown of interactions with SmartTips grouped by User ID and date.
Survey Responses by User All answers to survey questions detailed by User ID and date of submission in the report date range and filters. Each row represents a submission of an answer to a specific Survey question.
Task Completion % by User ID The number and percentage of completed onboarding tasks grouped by User ID.
Tasks Completed by User A breakdown of each individual onboarding task completed by User ID, and the last date it was completed.
User IDs with WalkMe Extension A list of each user that has downloaded the WalkMe extension or loaded the WalkMe snippet, the user’s OS, and the user’s browser type.
WalkMe Player Opens by URL A list of all the URLs in which the Player was opened.
WalkThru Error Report A list of the specific Walk-Thru steps that trigger the most errors.
Walk-Thru Goal Completions by User For each user, Smart Walk-Thru and Goal, shows the number of times the Goal was reached and number of Smart Walk-Thru plays.
Walk-Thru Last Step Reached by User Shows the last step reached per Walk-Thru for each day and user.
Walk-Thru Plays by Initiator For each Walk-Thru, shows the number of plays per initiator.
Walk-Thru Plays by User The number of plays of each Walk-Thru grouped by User ID and date.
Walk-Thru Total Plays The total number of plays for every Walk-Thru.
Walk-Thrus Log with Total Steps For each Walk-Thru and user ID, shows the timestamp and name of the last step played, the total number of steps in the Walk-Thru and the total number of plays.


Tracked Events Common Reports

Following is a list of the common report available to customers which enabled Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) Level:

Name Description Internal Columns
Tracked Events Summary A summary of all Tracked events defined, including: the number of event occurrences, unique users, average occurrences per user and session as well as the event adoption, calculated by the ratio of users who played the event out of all users active in the specified time period. FALSE Tracked Event Name, Tracked Event Type, Tracked Event Definition, Occurrences,  Users Adopted, Adoption Rate, Average Occurrences per Active User, Average Occurrences per Adopted User,  Average Occurrences per Session
Tracked Events by User A granular view of each user and the interactions with the Tracked events. Including the number of occurrences and sessions in which the Tracked events occurred per each User and Tracked event in the selected time range and filters. FALSE User Name, Tracked event name, occurrences, sessions
Tracked Events Log All Tracked event occurrences in the selected time range and filter, detailed by the user,  timestamp and URL. FALSE Tracked Event Name, User name, Timestamp, URL


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