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Starting from WalkMe Mobile SDK version 1.7.0, you can tweak your app’s elements’ precision settings to improve WalkMe’s ability to identify specific elements in your app(s). Available tweaks differ between native and hybrid apps due to algorithm differences.

Steps For Adding Precision Settings

  1. In the Mobile Console, navigate to SETTINGS > App Settings > ELEMENTS;
  2. Toggle the Precision toggle to the on position:
  3. Hover over any element and click on the precision settings icon:
  4. Select your desired precision settings;
  5. Click Save.

Precision Settings For Native Elements

For elements on native apps, you will see the name of the element, the sub-heading “Text Bypass,” and can select one of DefaultIgnore text, and Match text.

Beneath this is the second sub-heading “Context Bypasses,” under which you can select Ignore Screen if desired:

If you select Match text, an empty field will appear with the placeholder text “Enter Regex Here,” and this is where you will enter the regex to match the element text with.

Precision Settings For Hybrid Elements

For elements on hybrid apps, the options are: Ignore IDIdentify by text and Ignore text, and, again, Ignore Screen:

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