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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Mobile: What Is Power Mode and How Is It Used?

Last Updated November 8, 2022

Brief Overview

Starting from WalkMe Mobile SDK version 1.2.0 (Android and iOS) or higher, you can moderate content through an administration menu in your app itself (without the need to create a WiFi or manual connection with the Mobile Console) using WalkMe's Power Mode.

Your app's Power Mode menu provides you with the ability to:

  • Capture: Capture screens, elements and capture and edit Walk-Thrus;
  • Preview Campaigns: See what any campaign looks like in the app;
  • Simulate: Test multiple campaigns and Tracked Events (Goals) at once in the context you've created for them, accounting for segmentation;
  • View App Info: View the information about the app, SDK, and device you are currently using;
  • Manage Captured Items: View and update captured screens and elements.

Once you enter Power Mode, all debug logs are automatically turned on.

Use Cases

Power Mode use cases include the following:

  • Perform content moderation actions, including the following, from within your app, without the need to connect the app to the Mobile Console at the time of the actions:
    • Capture campaign-usable content and Walk-Thrus;
    • Test campaigns and Tracked Events (Goals);
    • View your app or the WalkMe Mobile SDK's vital information from within the app itself, e.g., for purposes of verifying that the app has been successfully integrated with the Mobile Console.

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