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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Product Updates: July, 2019

Last Updated October 24, 2021

Product Updates give you brief, high-level descriptions of new and updated WalkMe features.

How Will I Receive New Updates?

The new feature will be available in the WalkMe Editor. For customers that run WalkMe on their local servers, contact your Account Manager or WalkMe contact, to learn how you can gain access to these new features.

Product Updates

Share WalkMe Any Way You Want

In-app, in the cloud, and in your knowledge base

Master Compliance with Fast Documentation Generation

Documenting business processes is time-consuming, but it's critical for avoiding support tickets and to ensure compliance with critical standards and regulations. WalkMe Share eliminates the need to manually write documentation by creating step-by-step instructions with screenshots all while you build a Smart Walk-Thru. Best of all, you can embed them directly into your knowledge base articles so your users always get the latest version of your documentation. 

  • Use WalkMe Share to:
    • Easily manage compliance risk with generated, up-to-date documentation
    • Quickly create and share step-by-step instructions to resolve support tickets
    • Eliminate time spent writing documentation and taking screenshots
    • Embed the documentation into your support knowledge base articles so their always up to date
  • Simple capture the steps of your process and click the share icon from any Smart Walk-Thru and add an email address
  • Documentation is auto-generated with step-by-step instructions and screenshots with tip balloons based on the most recent version of the Smart Walk-Thru
  • Documentation may be embedded into any web page or knowledge base article using provided iframe embed code
  • Download documentation as a PDF
  • Present full screen or as an auto-play slide show
  • Screenshots must be enabled in your Editor to view screenshots in your documentation

Instantly Create How-to Videos

Press play to view example

Your users love how-to videos, but recording, editing, and sharing them is a long and difficult process. WalkMe Share allows you to generate video simulations for any how-to process from a Smart Walk-Thru. Now in minutes, you can create and share a how-to video for a specific user or post it on your support site for everyone to watch.

  • User WalkMe Share to:
    • Offer how-to videos on all your articles for users without extra effort
    • Quickly share videos with customers or employees to resolve support issues
    • Save tons of time by eliminating the need to capture, edit, and even host videos
  • Auto-create how-to videos with real mouse movements
  • Download videos and host them on your preferred CDN or intranet
  • Instantly upload and share your video using WalkMe's video hosting service
  • Embed videos directly on to your knowledge base articles
  • Screenshots must be enabled in your Editor to generate videos

Build Better Together

Comment feature

Collaboration and feedback are key to creating great WalkMe experiences, that's why builders often work together when creating Smart Walk-Thrus. WalkMe Share allows your teams to build better together.  Simply share a link with any user and they get the latest version of your Smart Walk-Thru with full screenshots. They can even leave feedback with live comments so building together is faster and easier than ever before.  

  • Use WalkMe Share:
    • Get approval and feedback from managers or key stakeholders
    • Give feedback to other builders without editing their Smart Walk-Thru
    • Collaborate without having to create accounts for non-WalkMe peers
  • Add comments to any slide
  • Respond to comments in-line
  • Resolve pending comments

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