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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Product Updates: April, 2016

Last Updated February 21, 2019

April '16 release, WalkMe delivers updates to improve your experience.

How to Use the Product Updates

  • The release notes give you brief, high-level descriptions of new and updated WalkMe features.

How will the new update become available?

Our new updates will be available on April 26th UPDATE: May 1st . Once our updates have been released, you can log into the Editor where you will be prompted to upgrade your software. Your current Implementation will not be affected by the update until you publish them again. For customers that run WalkMe on their local servers, contact your Customer Solution Manager,, to learn how you can gain these new features.

Feature Updates


Give users guidance for confusing elements on your website or help them correctly input data

There are three types of SmartTips:

  • Create Guidance SmartTips to give extra information about elements on screen or an input field.
    • Add Guidance Tips using image icons or place them on the selected element
  • Create Validation SmartTips to check if users add valid content into fields
    • Use preset validation rules OR create a custom rule
    • Preset validation rules:
      • Mandatory (Empty Field)
      • Valid Number
      • Valid Date
      • Valid Time
      • Valid US Phone Number
      • Valid Email Address
      • Valid Web Address
    • Validation rules are checked when a user clicks or tabs out of a field
      • Add validation message to either an image icon or on the selected field
      • Add confirmation message when input passes validation rules
  • Both: Give Guidance and Validation on a selected field
    • Display Guidance SmartTip on an image icon
    • Display Validation SmartTip on a selected element
  • SmartTips are added to Sets so you can easily add multiple SmartTips to a specific page
  • Customize Icon and Tooltips globally using the Customize menu located in the Admin Bar (blue bar at the bottom of the editor)

NOTE: SmartTips can be used at the same time as Walk-Thrus

Check My Form

Reduce errors on forms and improve the quality of your data using Check My Form

  1. Place a simple Check My Form button to show users fields that are invalid or are missing information
  2. Use Check My Form on forms or records that need to be updated multiple times or on forms that are not filled out completely
  3. Check My Form is a Launcher that starts a Set of Validation SmartTips. To create a Check My Form:
    1. Create a Launcher and place it at the top of a form
    2. Create a custom Launcher image with the text “Check My Form”
    3. From the Action dropdown, select Play multiple SmartTip Validations
    4. Select your Set of Validation SmartTips from the dropdown menu

New Launcher Icons

  • Newly designed Launcher icons
    • New image icons replace the former Launcher Gallery images
  • New Tabs
    • Gallery – Select from premade image icons
    • My Gallery – link to your own image icons
    • Customize – Create image icons using our customize tool

NOTE: Your existing Launcher icons from the old gallery will continue to work and have been added to the My Gallery tab

New Validation Operators

  • New Rule Engine Operators allow you to check for valid data
  • New Validation operators appear when using On Screen Element, Selected Element and jQuery Types in the Rule Engine
  • Select between Valid or Invalid for each operator
  • New Validation Operators:
    • Number
    • Date
    • Time
    • US Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Web Address


Our new interactive learning center lets you package your WalkMe experiences into learning modules and complete courses.

  • Create multiple courses that include Walk-Thrus and Resource articles and videos
  • Track progress and completion of courses for individual users
  • Allow users to take courses when it's most relevant to them to improve retention
  • Unlike other learning centers, users stay within your application and actually learn by using it and completing important processes
  • Organize courses using Modules
  • Customize the TeachMe experience with user photos
  • Easily add additional courses over time

Copy and Paste Multiple Walk-Thru Steps

Multiple Walk-Thru steps can now be either copied and pasted into another Walk-Thru or deleted.

  • Hold Alt key to select/deselect specific steps
  • Hold Shift key to select multiple contiguous steps in a Walk-Thru
  • Once selected, options appear at the top of a Walk-Thru to Copy or Delete selected steps
  • To paste selected step, switch to another Walk-Thru and click the Paste option at the top of the Walk-Thru.You may also paste into the middle of a Walk-Thru by hovering over the pencil icon of any step and selecting the Paste After option.

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