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Work flows better with WalkMe.

Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration Guide

Last Updated March 29, 2021

Brief Introduction

WalkMe is happy to provide you with guidelines for managing your Salesforce Classic-to-Lightning migration without facing any interruption in the benefits to your digital adoption that WalkMe brings. This guide provides you with a step-list of items that will occur during the migration process, as well as who will perform these steps. 

Activating Salesforce Lightning requires additional steps not required in Salesforce Classic. As a result, Lightning requires a new Editor different from the one you were using for Classic. If you agree to disable Salesforce Classic within three months of activating Salesforce Lightning, you can replace your Classic Editor with a Lightning Editor for the same number of licenses specified in your original WalkMe agreement free of charge. Otherwise, you must purchase WalkMe for Salesforce Lightning prior to receiving a new Editor.

To initiate the process below, please reach out to your WalkMe contact.

Step-By-Step Migration Process

  1. WalkMe will create a new WalkMe Editor for Salesforce Lightning; 
  2. WalkMe will enable the Lightning enabler feature;
  3. WalkMe will add your new Editor to your extension and add regex to indicate when each extension will work;
  4. You must provide Lightning URLs for Sandbox and Production environments in order for us to update your extension.
  5. WalkMe will provide the new Editor to you;
  6. If the Editor is added via the Enterprise feature, you will see the Editor upon your next login; 
  7. You must install the Salesforce Package by following these steps:
  8. Download the Salesforce Installation Package for your Test and Production Environment;
  9. Log in to Salesforce with your administrator account;
  10. Select which users can access the WalkMe Setup Page. It is recommended to grant access to all users;

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