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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Using BBCode at WalkMe

Last Updated June 25, 2024

Brief Overview

WalkMe supports the following types of BBCode in WalkMe balloons.

Purpose Code Example Other comments
Redirect to a SWT,
Redirect to a Resource,
Redirect to a Survey

 [swt=xxxxx]Click here[/swt]

[resource=xxxxx]Click here[/resource]

[survey=xxxxx]Click here[/survey]

[swt=67485]Click here[/swt]
Redirect from SWT to a step/SWT [trg=xxxxx]Click here[/trg] [trg=1]Click here[/trg] Trigger number should be unique
Add Dynamic Text









Add Image [img][/img] [img=24x35][/img] It's recommended to give the image a size so it doesn't mess up the balloon
Bold, Underline, Italic [b][/b] [u][/u] [i][/i]
Create a div [div] halloween [/div]
Create a span [span] google [/span]
change text size [size=xx]text to be sized[/size] [size=19]text in 19 sized font[/size]


Link that pops out in new tab

[]url text[/url]

[url=add_url_here , target="blank"]url text[/url]

[] WalkMe's Website [/url]

[ , target="blank"] WalkMe's Website [/url]

strike through [s]blah blah[/s] blah blah
Font Colour [color=red]blah blah[/color] blah blah
Bullets in balloons


Heading elements [h2]heading2[/h2]
Link to Email Address + Add Subject Line in a balloon []Display Text[/url]


your SA[/url]
Link to email address in a balloon [][/url] [][/url]
Autoplaying a video [html5video width="426" height="240" autoplay="true"] [/html5video]

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