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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Release Notes – 2021

Last update: December 30, 2021 Latest Editor version: 4.15.3 RSS
  • Solution Template Version History

    After making modifications to Editor deployables connected to a Solution Template or adjusting the Template's metadata, you can use the 'Create New Version' option to make these available to other Editor systems.

    December 30 Feature upgrade Apps GA (general availability)
  • Mandatory Questions on Surveys

    You can now select for each question if it's mandatory or not by switching the toggle on the "Required" field. The end user will see an indication (red asterisk) next to mandatory questions.

    December 30 Feature upgrade Editor GA (general availability)
  • Solution Accelerators for Microsoft Teams.

    WalkMe has released Solution Accelerators for Microsoft Teams (Desktop). We now offer content built around the following processes:

    • Introduction to Teams & WalkMe
    • Teams Feedback Survey
    • Content Suggestion Survey
    • Manage Notification Settings
    • Schedule Out of Office
    • Update My Status Message
    • Create a Team
    • Join a Team with Code
    • Add a Channel
    • Add Member to a Team

    December 30 New release Apps GA (general availability)
  • Solution Accelerators Update

    • WalkMe's Solution Accelerators for Salesforce Lightning now offers a Case Management solution which includes the following processes:
      • Create a Case
      • Assign a Case
      • Follow a Case
    • This solution is designed for Service/Service Console apps and includes related Launchers, mini menu, and an example SmartTips Set

    December 26 Feature upgrade Apps GA (general availability)
  • TeachMe Progress

    If you switch to TeachMe in the Dashboard (new UI), you will retain progress from TeachMe courses in the Editor (old UI). However, progress will be lost if anyone switches from TeachMe in the Dashboard back to TeachMe courses in the Editor.

    December 22 Feature upgrade Apps GA (general availability)
  • WalkMe for Desktop and Workstation v8.1

    Native notifications and new hot-key shortcuts are now supported.

    December 20 New release Workstation Desktop GA (general availability) 8.1
  • Solutions Template Image Upload Update

    When adding a preview image to a Solutions Template, you can now upload and add assets to the Assets Library directly from the Create New Solutions Template popup modal. You can also add multiple assets from the Assets Library to create a preview carousel. Supports: .jpg, .png, and .mp4 file types.

    December 20 Feature upgrade Apps GA (general availability)
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