Web to Desktop Feature Comparison

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Brief Overview

This table provides a quick overview of some of the app capability differences between WalkMe Web and WalkMe Desktop.


Some functionalities are not supported on all platforms or all applications.

App Feature Web Desktop
Smart Walk-Thrus V V
Error Handling V V
Validation step V V
Auto start V X
Auto step V X
Start Points V X
Design – CSS changes V X
Custom design V X
Spotlight V X
Smart Tips V V
Guidance V V
Validation V X
Launchers V V
Launcher text customization V X
Launcher style customization V X
Permalinks X X
Links to web Smart Walk-Thrus V V
Shuttles V V
Shuttle to Chrome Profile X V
On-Boarding V V
Complete goal V X
ChatBot V X
Goals V X
Survey V X
Teach Me V X
Mac OS V X
Analytics V V
Walkme Usage Analytics V V
Search Analytics V V
App Analytics (Insights) V X
Goal analytics V X



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