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Workstation Versioning Guidance

Last Updated May 5, 2024

Brief Overview

Need to know what version of Workstation you're using? Look no further! See the latest version below. This article explains how to read Workstation version and determine which version of each component is currently in use.

Latest Version

Container App
Version Electron (2.10.0-14) 1.28

Get to Know

Version Structure

Workstation version comprises two components: The Container version and the App version.

  • Container is the Electron component that serves the app. It's a binary software that requires an installation by the end-user or the company IT.
  • App refers to the Workstation user interface (UI), Enterprise Search, homepage widgets, and everything related to the interface end users engage.
    • The app structure is System as a Service (SaaS) so it gets updated continuously and doesn't require action to update.

Find Version

To know which Workstation version you have, go to Settings -> About and it's at the top of the page. Click the copy icon next to is to copy the version.

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