Accessibility in Workstation

Last Updated November 14, 2022

Brief Overview

Workstation will soon support the following Accessibility Guidelines –

WCAG Version 2.1 level A and AA

ETA for officially supporting WCAG 2.1 AA is December 2022. Features below are already supported

What is Accessibility

Accessibility is the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities. Web accessibility is an inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing websites and interacting with them.

While accessibility compliance is ultimately determined by the end user experience, there are four main principles that all guidelines and standards encompass:

  1. Perceivable: Users must be able to perceive the information being presented
  2. Operable: Users must be able to operate the interface
  3. Understandable: Users must be able to understand the information and the operation of the interface
  4. Robust: Users must be able to access the content as technologies advance

There are many standards of accessibility that define the guidelines to provide service to people with disabilities.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Interaction Windows macOS
Pop or minimize Workstation Ctrl + Shift + E ⇧ ⌘ E
Search Ctrl + F ⌘ F
Scroll up and down on the screen Page up and Page down Page up and Page down
Take action or “click” on selected element Enter Return
Copy URL Ctrl + C ⌘ C
Widgets \ Inner tabs when focus on a widget Tab and Shift+Tab Tab and ⇧ Tab
Move to widget’s records Enter Return
Move between elements / widgets / records (depends on the focus) Arrows up and down Arrows up and down
Focus one step backwords (records -> cards -> home) Esc Esc
Move between navbar tabs Ctrl + 1-6 ⌘ 1-6
Start your next meeting Shift + Enter ⇧ ⌘

Higher Contrast

The new contrast ratio as following the WCAG2.1 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is of 4.5.

Focus Indicator

If a user will clicks on the Tab key, it allows to navigate through interactive elements in the product – search, widgets, records. When an item is tabbed to, it has keyboard “focus” and can be activated or manipulated with the keyboard. There’s a visual indicator of the element that currently has keyboard focus. The focus indicator is a border or highlight (called an outline) around the focused element.

Items that should not receive keyboard focus are those which will already accessible to keyboard users. That means that the following elements are excluded of the focus lifecycle – left navbar menu, feedback button. The exception here is the search bar – which has a dedicated shortcut (Ctrl+F) but will still be in the focus lifecycle.

  • Widgets on empty state (that no actions can be done) – skipped of the focus lifecycle.
  • Scroll down to locate element in the middle of the screen – when reaching a half-displayed element.

Start your next meeting

Shift + Enter would open the next meeting’s conference call (same functionality as clicking on the Start button).

This works according to the following logic –

  1. If two or more meetings start at the same time
    • Prefer the meeting that has a conference all (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) over the ones that do not have
    • If both have conference calls → prefer the meeting that was accepted by the user over those who were not accepted (rejected meeting won’t even be in the widget)
    • If both have conference calls and were accepted → the meeting that appears on top of the widget is preferred
  2. If a meeting starts back2back (one meeting straight after the other), and the time is 1 minute prior to the next meeting (or less) – Shift + Enter directs to the upcoming meeting. For example, a meeting starts at 3:00 PM and user clicks Shift + Enter on 2:59 PM – it will take user to the meeting that starts at 3:00 PM

Search Flow

There’s a separate flow for the search that does not have the focus indicator flow.

Trigger for the flow is conducting a search. After the search, using arrows up and down would browse between the search results using the hover affect (without the focus indicator). Clicking Enter will access the result.

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