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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Launchers and SmartTips (4)

  • Last Update February 28, 2023

    SmartTips or Launchers are Not Appearing

    Issue If your SmartTips or Launchers appear in play mode in the Editor, but do not appear in a live environment when published, here are some things you can check that might be the...

  • Last Update January 21, 2024

    WalkMe Items Appearing Above or Below Site Elements? Change the Layer Order (Z-Index)

    Brief Overview Z-index specifies the stack order of an element compared to other existing elements on the same webpage. An element with a greater stack order will be in front of an element with...

  • Last Update April 4, 2022

    Why is my Custom Launcher appearing incorrectly?

    Issue The Custom Launcher I created is appearing differently when playing, previewing, or publishing it. The Custom Launcher looked like this in the Editor when I created it: But now it looks like this:...

  • Last Update March 31, 2024

    WalkMe can’t find an element on the page

    Issue After I've selected an element for my step and try and play my Smart Walk-Thru, WalkMe says “The element is not present on this page”. Solution Often, a step will not play or...