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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

ActionBot Bots List on Console

Last Updated March 19, 2024

Brief Overview

Introducing Console for ActionBot! We're excited to announce that we're migrating the bot building process from the Editor to the Console.

The Bots list page in the console serves as a central hub for viewing, editing, and creating new bots. You can easily access all of your published, draft, and unpublished bots from this page. The newly designed Bots page streamlines bot management, making it more efficient and user-friendly.


Bots are created in the WalkMe Console > ActionBot tab > Bots tab

Navigate direction through URL:

  1. US Data Center:

  2. EU Data Center:

Get to Know & Use

The bots table

The bots table displays a list of all of your created bots. The following information is shown in the table:

Status tabs

You can view all of your bots or click the different status tabs for a more filtered list:

  • All

  • Publish

  • Draft

  • Unpublished

Column headings

  • Name and publish status: shows the name of the bot (this name is internal and won't appear to end-users)

Learn more about publish status...

Status color



Published: This conversation is published and available to end-users.

Green outline

Published and modified: This conversation is published and available to end-users, however there are modifications that haven't been published yet.


Draft: This conversation hasn't been published yet and the building may still be in progress.


Unpublished: This conversation was published, but has been removed and is no longer available to end-users.

  • Assigned Conversations: shows all of the conversations are assigned to this bot

  • Connected Launchers: shows all of the launchers that are connected to this bot

  • Creation Date: The date this bot was created

  • Last Modified: The date that this bot was last edited

Hover actions

Hover over a bot in the list to edit, delete, or preview your bot.

Create a Bot

Click the Create Bot button to create a new bot, without having the leave the console.

Bot Building in ActionBot Console

Technical Notes

  • Workstation systems are limited to one bot

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