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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Data Integration Center

Last Updated May 13, 2021

Brief Overview

Give your teams the ability to make data-driven decisions that improve your business outcomes by adding WalkMe's analytics to the business apps your teams use the most. Using WalkMe's Data Integration Center, your teams can turn data into real actions, engaging with the right users at just the right time to increase conversions and reduce churn.

Every app used in your organization holds valuable data, but the potential of this data is not fully realized when it's siloed in separate systems.

The Data Integration Center allows you to sync data between WalkMe's analytics system (Insights) and the internal systems you use in your organization (your CRMs and CSMs).

The Integration Center sends data from WalkMe's backend to business apps like Salesforce and Gainsight to help our teams identify issues and opportunities and quickly take action on them. Connect WalkMe Insights with the apps your teams use the most to ensure your customers see the most value from your product.

Use Cases

Use the Integration Center to do the following and more:

  • Ensure successful onboarding
  • Drive free to paid conversions
  • Increase adoption / Find Upsell Opportunities
  • Prevent Churn

How it works

WalkMe Insights uses hundreds of data points to help pinpoint and address digital adoption issues in a timely and effective manner. The Integration Center takes this data and pushes it to your business apps in such forms as customer behavior indicators and customer health scores. With access to this information, your team members can now act proactively to better satisfy customer needs.

WalkMe Insights collects hundreds of data points, such as abnormally long time-to-value, uncompleted onboarding, and infrequent logins. Using these data points, a custom report is generated based on your specifications. Your application administrator generates fields that the data will integrate into, and the integration wizard helps you map data to fields. Data is updated daily.

Let's take a closer look at some of the myriad ways your teams can take advantage of this information to boost the digital adoption of your platform:

As illustrated above, your customers' behaviors tell a story, and the Integration Center enables your teams to read this story and facilitate a happy ending to keep your customers engaged and satisfied.

The Integration Center will initially support Salesforce and Gainsight (and any 3rd party application that uses Salesforce data), with support for additional platforms soon to follow.

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